Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sometimes a SIMPLE Solution is Best.

As a Polymer clay artist, my SIMPLE mission for SIMPLE  SLICER™ is to provide a polymer clay slicer that is:

1)  High Quality
2)  Affordable
3)  Durable
4)  Portable
5)  Easy to Use

SIMPLE  SLICER works equally well with either mokume gane slabs, canes, or larger design constructions. The SIMPLE  SLICER has an infinitely adjustable acrylic frame that supports the clay while you slice it with a tested SIMPLE  SLICER blade (peeler). 

To allow you to choose your  blade (peeler) at a price that suits your budget, we offer three styles of SIMPLE SLICER peelers for your SIMPLE SLICER frame—all at one low shipping cost.  

You can also purchase any SIMPLE SLICER blade (peeler) separately.

Visit Simple Slicer at http://www.etsy.com/shop/SimpleSlicer

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