Monday, April 9, 2012

New buffing technique

Sometimes I want a high polish on my bracelets. And have been relatively successful in the process by sanding, tumbling and then buff, buff, buff, and buff more. But I'm always on the hunt for "what-if" or "got to be something better". Sooooo, how about those lens cleaning kits that are for restoring scratched headlight lenses ?????
Polymer clay is plastic and so are car headlight lenses, right? RIGHT!
The 3M kit contains a disc that fits on your adjustable drill, several grits of sandpaper, a polish, and a polishing head.
Less than 10 minutes later this is the finish on a bracelet and no hand sanding or 24 hours of tumbling. Also tried, and liked:
Tried but it didn't buff to high finish:

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