Monday, April 9, 2012


I had the opportunity to use a Foredom Buffer and thought that it left a better finish than my cheap Harbor Freight buffer.
Upon close inspection my buffed work had large scratches. So I was on a quest for a used Foredom Buffer. WOW - even used ones are $200 (when you can even find them). So, I got to thinking, "What's the difference between my cheap-o and Foredom - besides the obvious $200?" hmmmmm. They both spin at high speeds, both have variable speeds, and both have muslim buffer pads. Ahhh, my pad was purchased somewhere but wasn't a foredom buffing pad!!! So I ordered new pads from boredom, Yoohoo.
Only other difference is the size of the buffing pads, but the scratches are gone.


Jill Palumbo said...

What a great idea!

Jill Palumbo said...

What a great idea, and money saver. Thanks!

jack said...

3m red 14" floor buffer pad this 3m floor buffer pad will buff when dry or clean when damp.
cleaning towel

Lee Ann said...

Jack, that's an interesting idea. If I understand your comment it is just a buffing pad and you'll need a lot more 'elbow grease' to get a high buff.