Saturday, March 14, 2009

Christi Friesen Benefit workshop 
April 17-19th, 2009 in Indianapolis

Christi Friesen has offered to do a 3 day workshop, April 17,18, & 19th, 2009. That's 3 fun filled days of generously discounted classes. We can't begin to thank Christi for her help in this event!!!

This workshop is a benefit event for polymer clay artist Ponsawan Silapiruti's daughter Ada. Ponsawan is polymer clay jewelry artist living in Indianapolis and her work has been featured several times on Polymer Clay Daily.

You may know the story: On March 2,2008, Ada was a vibrant, caring young woman full of life, excitement, and promise. On March 3rd 2008 she was in a coma with brain damage and broken bones. Hit by a drunk driver that sustained no damage. The world changed for Ponsawan, Ada and their family.

Ada is home now being lovingly cared for by her mother. Ponsawan has found it in her heart to forgive the drunk driver (she is a better person than I am). Ponsawan rejoices in Ada's small accomplishments; a glance here, moving her hand. Progress is slow but the expense of caring for Ada, even at home, isn't slow and continues to mount.

Full workshop details and online or snail mail register form is available at:

I hope you will attend the classes or consider a donation to help Ada (and Ponsawan).

Co-sponsored by Indiana Polymer Clay guild and Indiana Bead Society

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