Monday, July 7, 2008

Canes for Ada

Ponsawan Sila is a member of the Indiana Polymer Clay Guild...a friendly, sharing and creative artist who recently experienced a parent's worst nightmare when her daughter Ada was hit head on by another driver.  In a comatose condition from severe brain trauma, Ada spent weeks in the hospital before being moved to a room in a nursing home.  Filled with flowers, stuffed animals, balloons and pictures, Ponsawan hopes it will also soon be filled with 1000 origami cranes, and that they will help her wish come true - that Ada is able to work her way back to the bright, energetic and joyous young woman she was before the accident.  Judy Dunn has released an instructional YouTube video demonstrating her folding technique for the polymer cranes she is known for. You can make a crane for Ada and send it to:
Cranes for Ada, c/o Ponsawan Sila, 5343 W. 38th St., IndianapolisIN 46254